Can Penguins Fly?

Game Info
One penguin seeks to break the laws of physics in this classically styled flash game titled Learn to Fly 2 Hacked. Take flight after sliding down icy ramps and control your penguin in flight. Try to complete objectives in mid-air as your penguin tumbles around and hits objectives. If you are looking for a easy to play yet hard to master game then look no further. Dive right in and enjoy doing what all penguins wish they could do.

Can Penguins Fly?First Look at the Game
At first you start out feeling miserable as your penguin seems to plummet straight to the ground and you earn hardly any cash at all. You never even see the first snow man you are trying to destroy. Once you start to get the first few upgrades you notice a difference. The glider you bought gives your penguin hang time like Micheal Jordan. Then you work on getting your ramp taller and longer to build up more speed. You break your first achievement record. You get a sled and zip into the air and watch as you make more money in a single run than you made in your last three runs combined. Yes this game has grown on you already. The impossible challenges you see before you turn into fun quests you itch to complete as your penguin soars through the air.

With deceptively simple controls, control your penguin using left, right, and space-bar to boost yourself. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to control your penguin or set custom hotkeys designed for your favorite finger placement on the keyboard.

When you complete objectives or even just fail miserably at your penguins flight, you will earn cash. use your cash to purchase upgrades. You can upgrade your sleigh top increase your sliding speed when traveling down the ramp. A glider can be purchased and upgraded to increase control and have different flight patterns after take-off. Boosts are also purchasable with the in game won cash and allow you to increase your speed after you leave the ramp. You can also change your payload to increase your iceberg destruction power.

There are many challenges to complete in this game. Flying a certain distance or reaching a certain speed can grant you completion of these challenges.There are even some pure fun challenges such as plunging into the sea a certain depth or racking up combos.
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Sporting a full medal system, you can earn quite the flying veteran look by completing certain tasks. Collect money, shake the earth when you land, or travel distances even a bird might struggle with to earn these badges of honor.