It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a hero or a aggressor! – New Raze 4

New Raze 4I have just finished my pizza and I have decided to write a quick update about brand new and interesting flash game – Raze 4. This is fourth version of the game series, it belongs to the shooting games category and it also features theme of far future, where everything is laser based weapons, robots and things like that. I believe many of you will enjoy this game, but I highly recommend you to try previous versions of the game as well (usually it is better to play first version of the game and after that following ones, this way you can follow storyline as well as development of scenario).

Oh and if you are not big fan of shooting games and you prefer more mind games category I have awesome suggestion for you: Imposible Quiz Unblocked.

Main idea of the game is to travel across the globe and destroy all alien forces which invaded planet earth. While fighting enemies you get different upgrades along the way, you get missiles, laser rifles and other super weapons. Main character of the game is special agent, which is well trained and armed, he is on his mission to save our planet and it makes him hero.

Game also has editing window where you can change different properties, such as color of the armor, what kind of weapon to use, what kind of special equipment to care and also my favorite last option is associated with upgrades. Upgrades option is a heart and soul of the Raze 4, people generally love when they can improve their fight power, to increase damage of their weapons and get new attack abilities.

Raze has up to four different modes which you can play: deathmatch, Last stand, steal and the flag. You can finish campaign first, complete whole storyline of the game and after that enjoy different modes of the game. Usually it is extremely fun and entertaining, playing different modes of the game also helps you to improve your skill, since it kind of forces you to complete different challenges and missions and that my dear reader is like going out of comfort zone which is path to development and progress.

weapons in new version of raze game
Oh I have almost forgotten to say that game allows you to play in alien campaign as well as human campaign, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to be a hero or a aggressor creature!

Virtual reality, flash games, PC games – Gaming explained!

Virtual reality, flash games, PC games – Gaming explained!
So one clever man surely announces that future belongs to the computer technologies and our primary home entertainment is going to be related with virtual reality, to make it simple – he was discussing video games, yes my dear friend, video games are most likely among the very best productions of Humanity!

Hope you liked my amusing introduction, now let’s see exactly what video games can truly provide us with and why we, people, like flash video games and RPG games a lot. BTW you can click on here and play it for free if you want to.

So why people love games so much?
Firstly video games are enjoyable to play, they are fascinating, they assist us to get away from unsightly and dull truth, they assist us to obtain rid of anxiety and forget our issues, some individuals thought that it is dangerous to lose connection with truth others thought that it rather much better to reside in the phony world and be happy instead of in reality and feel depressed and unfortunate.

In the most cases selection depends on you, something is apparent, video games in general seldom dissatisfy us, they bring a great deal of home entertainment in our world and assist us to enjoy our downtime.

People also enjoy free online games, games which you can play right directly from your browser without installing anything, main benefits of such games is simplicity, plus they can really have interesting plot and attractive interface.

Playing and installing games through Garena

Oh, there is one video game customer which is simply remarkable, it is called Garena, this program enables you to purchase various video games and link all them with one single Garena account. This video game customer is so sophisticated and provides you a lot of various functions, like opening accomplishments, discovering various products in the video game and gathering them, sharing your experience with other players therefore numerous various cool things.

Browser games still have millions of fans
Okay, let’s return to flash video games, so if COMPUTER video games are a lot more fascinating why individuals still play browser video games? Main factor for this is that they are easy, they do not need setting up anything, they still have lovely graphics and they still can assist you to have a great deal of enjoyable and happiness. For example fans of Mario games can play unfair version of it which is also wonderful.

In fact some flash video games are very popular, I have actually seen such video games which have countless fans, numerous individuals look for it in the Google that you will not think your eyes and they are quite basic at the very first appearance. This implies that simpleness can be popular when it pertains to flash video games.

Make your choice – simple games vs. complicated mind games.
Mentioning video games, do you understand that there are lots of various kinds of video games that you can play? Individuals are various and in order to please their requirements video games need to be various also, as an example I like video games with complex objectives, video games which need a great deal of thinking and video games which include fascinating plot and difficult objectives. On the other hand lots of people choose to play basic video games which help them unwind. This is why video game designers produce all various flash video games and console video games.

Now if you wish to play flash video games it is preferable for you to play them from your browser, there are lots of websites which provide countless totally free video games. If you wish to play more complex video games, like FPS, online video games, RPG, and so on you need to set up those video games on your COMPUTER.

Life in virtual reality
With that being stated, video games are our future, I imply one day we might be even able to link our brain with computer system and actually we will certainly begin to reside in the virtual reality, envision if you had the ability to fly in the video game, or to have fantastic life time experience and all of it will certainly seem like genuine. Dream life isn’t really it?

Potty Racers 3 – Free Game

Potty Racers 3 is third version of the game, like in previous versions your number one job is to improve your vehicle as much as it is possible, add to it as many parts as it is possible, improve speed of your vehicle, improve engine of your vehicle, add to it some wings to fly further and things like that. In order to succeed in this game you will have to cover huge distances, you will have to jump as high as it is possible and perform as much stunts as it is possible, all this will allow you to earn huge amount of points and in Potty Racers game series more points mean better parts for your vehicle.

potty racers 3
Now about main updates: huge improvement of coin shop, it has so many new features and options (eleven new upgrade options to be clear), it is just awesome, graphics of the game look a lot more attractive, new goals have also been added to the game which made it a lot more challenging.

In Potty Racers 3 amount of points is not enough to buy some upgrades, you have to obtain enough experience and level as well.

Levels of the game have changed as well just like at Happy Wheels 3; in fact there are many new levels which you haven’t seen before. Some levels have specific goal missions, these missions are truly interesting and you will have to complete them if you want to play next level.

Stunts still grant you extra points when you perform them, but unlike previous versions you may face some challenges which require from you to perform up to four stunts while you are in the air. This is pretty hard mission, but you will have to complete it in order to unlock next level.

Third version is really interesting, main reason for that is that it has some decent improvements, more upgrades are also very important, in total it is amazing game.

Impossible Quiz 3 – Funny puzzle game

The 3rd in a range of tough puzzle games, it is tricky to decide what to comment about The Impossible Quiz 3. It’s the type of game which can truly be summarized by saying in case you liked earlier games, you will like this’. That is not a lazy term in this case. You will be occasionally infuriated, however it is rewarding in its own style, too.


The idea is easy enough: you are given fifty questions to answer in a given order. They seem stupidly easy but there is always a catch. One puzzle provides up to two rulers, each with various measurements written on them, and you are left to choose which ruler is bigger. Instinct could lead you towards choosing the one that is physically larger but it is actually the one which has the larger measurement written on it.

That is the type of thinking you ought to expect with The Impossible Quiz 3. Another puzzle could simply provide you some instructions and a game controller. You need to realize that you are meant to input these controls to progress. There is a timer counting down throughout, however you are still left to your own concerning how long you take to finish each puzzle in Linebacker 2.
You are provided a small number of lives, so having things right the initial time is recommended. Of course you may always simply replay the Impossible Quiz 3 game and, given you remember earlier solutions, there is nothing to halt you from speeding up through the title.

That is where The Impossible Quiz 3 lacks some re-playability since it becomes a memory game once you have solved many of the game’s puzzles. A mirror mode assists to an extent here, however it is going to cost you if you choose to unlock early on. There are medals to win for various things within the Impossible Quiz 3 game.

Can Penguins Fly?

Game Info
One penguin seeks to break the laws of physics in this classically styled flash game titled Learn to Fly 2 Hacked. Take flight after sliding down icy ramps and control your penguin in flight. Try to complete objectives in mid-air as your penguin tumbles around and hits objectives. If you are looking for a easy to play yet hard to master game then look no further. Dive right in and enjoy doing what all penguins wish they could do.

Can Penguins Fly?First Look at the Game
At first you start out feeling miserable as your penguin seems to plummet straight to the ground and you earn hardly any cash at all. You never even see the first snow man you are trying to destroy. Once you start to get the first few upgrades you notice a difference. The glider you bought gives your penguin hang time like Micheal Jordan. Then you work on getting your ramp taller and longer to build up more speed. You break your first achievement record. You get a sled and zip into the air and watch as you make more money in a single run than you made in your last three runs combined. Yes this game has grown on you already. The impossible challenges you see before you turn into fun quests you itch to complete as your penguin soars through the air.

With deceptively simple controls, control your penguin using left, right, and space-bar to boost yourself. Alternatively, you can use the mouse to control your penguin or set custom hotkeys designed for your favorite finger placement on the keyboard.

When you complete objectives or even just fail miserably at your penguins flight, you will earn cash. use your cash to purchase upgrades. You can upgrade your sleigh top increase your sliding speed when traveling down the ramp. A glider can be purchased and upgraded to increase control and have different flight patterns after take-off. Boosts are also purchasable with the in game won cash and allow you to increase your speed after you leave the ramp. You can also change your payload to increase your iceberg destruction power.

There are many challenges to complete in this game. Flying a certain distance or reaching a certain speed can grant you completion of these challenges.There are even some pure fun challenges such as plunging into the sea a certain depth or racking up combos.
Other challenging game is Earn To Die 2, play it here and have fun.

Sporting a full medal system, you can earn quite the flying veteran look by completing certain tasks. Collect money, shake the earth when you land, or travel distances even a bird might struggle with to earn these badges of honor.

Apple Shooter – Perfect treat for the archery lovers

Apple Shooter – Perfect treat for the archery loversPlaying games on internet has become a best activity for leisure time now. Whether you are young or old, playing games on internet gives the same pleasure. Everyone loves and enjoys playing games. People prefer playing games in their spare time because it relaxes the mind from the hectic routine. Many games are just played for enjoyment but there are certain games which are the great sources of enhancing ones skills and creativity. One of such skill enhancing games is Shooter Apple. You will find all the elements of a perfect entertaining game in it. It is also a best way of learning archery. It has thrill, pleasure, learning experience, trial for your patience and thus all these things makes it an electrifying game. It is one of the finest games for those who love archery.

It is one of the most trending online shooting games. It is a game full of fun and skills, perfect combination to make the most of your leisure. It is a game of arrow and bow which asks you to target the apple on your friend’s head. Only the right shot can save your friend’s life. Its extra animations and effects make a funny scene look real such as hitting wrong shot on your buddy’s body will make him dead or blood will start flowing from his body. These scenes will really motivate you in hitting the perfect shots because you definitely cannot see your friend in this condition. In case you are into RPG games try Stick RPG 2.

Game Description:

This is one of the best online arcade games – unblocked Pacman. In this archery game you have to hit an apple which is placed on your buddy’s head. You have two chances to hit the apple on figurant’s head. You have to hit the target by using arrow and bow.With every right shot, the distance between you and the target gets bigger and bigger. But one wrong shot can end your friend as well as your game. It keeps getting more and tougher with each proceeding level. Do not rush! Because your friend’s life is in your hand and little haste can hurt your buddy and will the end the game.


Mouse is the only controller in the game. You can aim the arrow and bow with it. You can set the direction of your arrow with mouse. You can draw the bow back by holding the button of mouse. You can adjust the power of your hit by holding the button of mouse. The more powerful you want your shot to be, the longer you need to hold the button. Power par will appear on screen after holding the mouse button. The power par will guide you in adjusting the power.

So what archery lovers are waiting for? Here is your perfect treat. You might be great shooter but this game is a real challenge for you. So make the most of this best online platform and test your talent.