It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a hero or a aggressor! – New Raze 4

New Raze 4I have just finished my pizza and I have decided to write a quick update about brand new and interesting flash game – Raze 4. This is fourth version of the game series, it belongs to the shooting games category and it also features theme of far future, where everything is laser based weapons, robots and things like that. I believe many of you will enjoy this game, but I highly recommend you to try previous versions of the game as well (usually it is better to play first version of the game and after that following ones, this way you can follow storyline as well as development of scenario).

Oh and if you are not big fan of shooting games and you prefer more mind games category I have awesome suggestion for you: Imposible Quiz Unblocked.

Main idea of the game is to travel across the globe and destroy all alien forces which invaded planet earth. While fighting enemies you get different upgrades along the way, you get missiles, laser rifles and other super weapons. Main character of the game is special agent, which is well trained and armed, he is on his mission to save our planet and it makes him hero.

Game also has editing window where you can change different properties, such as color of the armor, what kind of weapon to use, what kind of special equipment to care and also my favorite last option is associated with upgrades. Upgrades option is a heart and soul of the Raze 4, people generally love when they can improve their fight power, to increase damage of their weapons and get new attack abilities.

Raze has up to four different modes which you can play: deathmatch, Last stand, steal and the flag. You can finish campaign first, complete whole storyline of the game and after that enjoy different modes of the game. Usually it is extremely fun and entertaining, playing different modes of the game also helps you to improve your skill, since it kind of forces you to complete different challenges and missions and that my dear reader is like going out of comfort zone which is path to development and progress.

weapons in new version of raze game
Oh I have almost forgotten to say that game allows you to play in alien campaign as well as human campaign, so it is up to you to decide whether you want to be a hero or a aggressor creature!