Potty Racers 3 – Free Game

Potty Racers 3 is third version of the game, like in previous versions your number one job is to improve your vehicle as much as it is possible, add to it as many parts as it is possible, improve speed of your vehicle, improve engine of your vehicle, add to it some wings to fly further and things like that. In order to succeed in this game you will have to cover huge distances, you will have to jump as high as it is possible and perform as much stunts as it is possible, all this will allow you to earn huge amount of points and in Potty Racers game series more points mean better parts for your vehicle.

potty racers 3
Now about main updates: huge improvement of coin shop, it has so many new features and options (eleven new upgrade options to be clear), it is just awesome, graphics of the game look a lot more attractive, new goals have also been added to the game which made it a lot more challenging.

In Potty Racers 3 amount of points is not enough to buy some upgrades, you have to obtain enough experience and level as well.

Levels of the game have changed as well just like at Happy Wheels 3; in fact there are many new levels which you haven’t seen before. Some levels have specific goal missions, these missions are truly interesting and you will have to complete them if you want to play next level.

Stunts still grant you extra points when you perform them, but unlike previous versions you may face some challenges which require from you to perform up to four stunts while you are in the air. This is pretty hard mission, but you will have to complete it in order to unlock next level.

Third version is really interesting, main reason for that is that it has some decent improvements, more upgrades are also very important, in total it is amazing game. If you are a fun of flash games play World Solitaire for free.