Apple Shooter – Perfect treat for the archery lovers

Apple Shooter – Perfect treat for the archery loversPlaying games on internet has become a best activity for leisure time now. Whether you are young or old, playing games on internet gives the same pleasure. Everyone loves and enjoys playing games. People prefer playing games in their spare time because it relaxes the mind from the hectic routine. Many games are just played for enjoyment but there are certain games which are the great sources of enhancing ones skills and creativity. One of such skill enhancing games is Shooter Apple. You will find all the elements of a perfect entertaining game in it. It is also a best way of learning archery. It has thrill, pleasure, learning experience, trial for your patience and thus all these things makes it an electrifying game. It is one of the finest games for those who love archery.

It is one of the most trending online shooting games. It is a game full of fun and skills, perfect combination to make the most of your leisure. It is a game of arrow and bow which asks you to target the apple on your friend’s head. Only the right shot can save your friend’s life. Its extra animations and effects make a funny scene look real such as hitting wrong shot on your buddy’s body will make him dead or blood will start flowing from his body. These scenes will really motivate you in hitting the perfect shots because you definitely cannot see your friend in this condition. In case you are into RPG games try Stick RPG 2.

Game Description:

This is one of the best online arcade games – unblocked Pacman. In this archery game you have to hit an apple which is placed on your buddy’s head. You have two chances to hit the apple on figurant’s head. You have to hit the target by using arrow and bow.With every right shot, the distance between you and the target gets bigger and bigger. But one wrong shot can end your friend as well as your game. It keeps getting more and tougher with each proceeding level. Do not rush! Because your friend’s life is in your hand and little haste can hurt your buddy and will the end the game.


Mouse is the only controller in the game. You can aim the arrow and bow with it. You can set the direction of your arrow with mouse. You can draw the bow back by holding the button of mouse. You can adjust the power of your hit by holding the button of mouse. The more powerful you want your shot to be, the longer you need to hold the button. Power par will appear on screen after holding the mouse button. The power par will guide you in adjusting the power.

So what archery lovers are waiting for? Here is your perfect treat. You might be great shooter but this game is a real challenge for you. So make the most of this best online platform and test your talent.