Impossible Quiz 3 – Funny puzzle game

The 3rd in a range of tough puzzle games, it is tricky to decide what to comment about The Impossible Quiz 3. It’s the type of game which can truly be summarized by saying in case you liked earlier games, you will like this’. That is not a lazy term in this case. You will be occasionally infuriated, however it is rewarding in its own style, too.


The idea is easy enough: you are given fifty questions to answer in a given order. They seem stupidly easy but there is always a catch. One puzzle provides up to two rulers, each with various measurements written on them, and you are left to choose which ruler is bigger. Instinct could lead you towards choosing the one that is physically larger but it is actually the one which has the larger measurement written on it.

That is the type of thinking you ought to expect with The Impossible Quiz 3. Another puzzle could simply provide you some instructions and a game controller. You need to realize that you are meant to input these controls to progress. There is a timer counting down throughout, however you are still left to your own concerning how long you take to finish each puzzle in Linebacker 2.
You are provided a small number of lives, so having things right the initial time is recommended. Of course you may always simply replay the Impossible Quiz 3 game and, given you remember earlier solutions, there is nothing to halt you from speeding up through the title.

That is where The Impossible Quiz 3 lacks some re-playability since it becomes a memory game once you have solved many of the game’s puzzles. A mirror mode assists to an extent here, however it is going to cost you if you choose to unlock early on. There are medals to win for various things within the Impossible Quiz 3 game. Ultimately though, there is not a lot of reason to return for more once you have wrapped it up and there are a lot of reason to play Vex 2.